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RE: Circular Concrete Tanks without Prestressing

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There was a similar thread a while back on providing an expansion joint at
an addition.  

There are adhered expansion joints like the Jeanie and Will Seal, but the
solution for your particular problem depends on the head and rate of

Another solution that would seal smaller cracks is injecting Sikafix.  This
product expands upon contact with water and remains resilient.  Sika also
makes a surface sealer that is very good, but I don't think that it is very
resistant to abrasion.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	RE: Circular Concrete Tanks without Prestressing
> It is my understanding that it has been found over time that there are
> more
> problems with leakage in tanks with numerous expansion joints versus tanks
> adequately reinforced with construction joints only.  Even though the
> continuous concrete still cracks, with adequate reinforcement the cracks
> are
> small and tend not to leak.  Expansion joints control concrete cracking
> better but tend to fail themselves more often.  I also feel that a
> continuous tank should perform better under seismic conditions than a tank
> with expansion joints.  
> On the subject of failed expansion joints, I am currently working on
> repairs
> at a rectangular concrete basin at which the waterstops in the existing
> 1/2-inch expansion joints have failed and are leaking.  Does anyone have a
> good solution on how to repair failed waterstops in expansion joints
> without
> demolishing the concrete and replacing the PVC waterstop and where
> treatment
> equipment must travel across the joint surface?