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RE: Essentials of LRFD

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Essentials of LRFD used to be a stand-alone publication when it was keyed to the 1st Edition LRFD Manual. When we wrote the 2nd Edition LRFD Manual, it was integrated into the Manual as Part 2. That piece of the Manual has also been placed as a *.pdf file on the AISC web site at:
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Sent: Monday, January 31, 2000 5:17 PM
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Subject: Essentials of LRFD

Someone on the list recently recommended the title "Essentials of LRFD"
I jotted a quick note of the title and the AISC web site as the source.  Unfortunately I did not save the mail message, and I have been unable to locate the publication through the AISC site.
Would whoever posted the info please re-post.
My schedule will only allow me to attend the connections portions of the LRFD classes at the National Steel Conference in Las Vegas, and I was hoping to bring myself up to speed on the basics before attending.
Thank you
Paul Feather
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