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RE: Retaining Wall Code Requirements

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In this instance, the code couldn't be much more clear.  Section 1914.1.1
indicates that that section is intended for walls subject to axial loads.
Section 1914.1.2 specifically indicates that the design of cantilever
retaining walls should be according to Section 1910; only Section 1914.3.3
(of Section 1914) applies to such.

You could also cite the CRSI handbook as an example of correct
interpretation, in which the minimum wall thickness is 12 inches and one
curtain of reinforcement is used throughout.  [If anyone would like you to
use more reinforcement (an additional curtain) it would be CRSI.]

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> Subject: Retaining Wall Code Requirements
> I'm currently debating a plan checker regarding a cantilever SITE
> retaining wall with an 18" thick stem. He is requireing a double
> curtain of reinf. since the thickness is more than 10" per UBC
> 1914.3.4. Are site retaining walls required to be designed per
> all of chapter UBC 1914 or just 1914.1.2    (1994 UBC)
> Thanks.
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