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RE: Current construction costs

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		I am trying to compile a list of sources and rules of thumb for estimating current construction costs (on a per sq.
ft. basis for estimating)
		What sources are currently used or recommended for obtaining information in a useful format?
		All input is appreciated.
		Paul Feather
		San Diego, CA


	The best source on this, in my opinion, is a table in the Building standards Magazine published bimonthly by ICBO,
http://WWW.ICBO.ORG/Building_Standards_Online/ <http://WWW.ICBO.ORG/Building_Standards_Online/> 

	It is quite detailed as for occupancy and type of construction of the building. It also has regional modifiers for use in
every part of the country. It is widely used by building departments throughout the western states as a means of determining a
consistent valuation for buildings.

	Ben Yousefi, SE
	San Jose, CA