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Re: Wood Truss Rafter Center Uplift

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I usually break the truss in two in this situation and cantilever top
chords to meet at ridge. You already have walls and foundations on interior
anyway. You will avoid truss uplift details and trusses will be cheaper.

At 04:02 PM 2/1/00 GMT, you wrote:
>I am designing two story motel type structure which has a interior center
>corridor.  It will be constructed of wood framing.  The roof will have metal
>press plate truss rafters at 2'-0" o.c.  The bearing walls for the floor
>framing are the exterior longitudinal walls and the interior corridor wall. 
>I am trying to decide whether to clear span the roof rafters to the exterior
>walls (50 ft. span) or use the interior corridor bearing walls.  My concern
>is "Roof Truss Uplift" at the corridor due to fluctuations in the moisture
>content.  My options would be to clear span the building and detail the
>corridor/truss connection to allow the uplift to occur without picking up the
>partition, or to break the truss into two pieces and simple span to the
>What are your suggestions?
>Perhaps someone from WTCA can give some advise also?
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