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Re: Autocad Layering Standards for Structural Engineering

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Hi Dennis,

I have recently upgraded to R2000 with AD2 as well.   There is a real nifty
layer tool under your express tools called Layer Manager ( command:  lman )
and it allows you to save multiple layer configurations.  Works great in
conjunction with model space when you get hit with the paper 'way2manylayer'
space. The new paper space is really great,  all my structural sheets reside
in ONE file now,  with the way2manylayers feature enabled.

Robert Shaffer, PE
Santa Cruz, CA

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Subject: Autocad Layering Standards for Structural Engineering

> I have started to work up a layer standard for my use. My intent is to use
> the standard to help automate drafting tasks.
> I never thought of a layer standard as an important issue - figuring each
> office works up their own. However, when sharing drawings I find that the
> number of layers that combine can be staggering.
> I am interested in seeing what other have worked up as a structural
> engineering standard. Mine follows this format:
> Sx-Fndt-Slab-exp[exposed]
> Sx-Fndt-Slab-hid[den]
> Sx-Fndt-Slab-ann[otation]
> Sx-Fndt-Slab-txt
> Sx-Fndt-Slab-Dim
> Sx-Fndt-Ftg-exp
> Sx-Fndt-Ftg-hid
> etc.
> Where Sx is structural level 'X' (1,2,3,etc.)
> I am interested in what others have done and any programing tips you have
> that help you automate drawings. For example, I am thinking of creating a
> button to draw a slab outline that will simplify the process of changing
> the correct layer without going through 50 or more layers each time. If
> others have automated tasks like this I would appreciate sharing the
> information so that we can all learn from it.
> Thanks
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
> Structural Engineering Consultant
> (208) 361-5447 E-Fax