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Fwd: Pirated software

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Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Anti-Piracy Team.  Microsoft devotes
substantial time and energy toward fighting software piracy and we
appreciate your interest in our initiatives.

If the nature of your email involved a question or a request for additional
information on software piracy, a member of our Anti-Piracy Team will
respond as soon as possible.  

If the nature of your email involved the possible unauthorized copying
and/or distribution of Microsoft software, please be assured we will
investigate further the matter you reported and will take the appropriate
action.   Due to the sensitive legal nature of these matters, we cannot
provide updates on the status of our investigations. 

You may visit us at to review additional
information on recognizing genuine Microsoft product, Microsoft's licensing
policies and current news about Microsoft's anti-piracy initiatives or you
may phone us at 1-800-R-U-LEGIT.  

Further information about anti-piracy can be obtained from the Business
Software Alliance 

Thank you for supporting the fight against software theft.  

Microsoft Corporation
Law & Corporate Affairs
Worldwide Sales & Support Group
Anti-Piracy Team

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