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RE: Autocad Layering Standards for Structural

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You're loaded with questions. Let me start at the top.
Considering your experience, I don't assume you are looking for a
construction technology or "Graphic Standars" type reference to understand
how structural systems (like bearing walls) are constructed? This comes with
experience in practical engineering (which can be augmented by a
construction technology course). CAD drafting does not teach you what to see
or how to build up on a structural system - it only teaches you to draw
lines. Engineering courses (and architectural courses) teach you about
structural systems.
Therefore, what is it in structural drawings that you are looking for from a

The rest of your questions are easily answered by recommending you to the
Autodesk Newsgroups. These have been an invaluable source of learning for
me. I use the Autocad NG as well as one for Excel, Word, Outlook, FrontPage
and Visual Basic. Lately, I stick mostly with the programing NG's from each,
but for each software there is a number of newsgroups available to help you.
For example, Autodesk has NG's for Customizations, User Files (where users
can post their problem drawings and get feedback from the MVP teams),
General questions, Print-Plot (which was started because of the complexity
of Acad2000 plotting features) and more.

Newsgroups are populated with experts from within the developers team and
also (as in Autocad's case) from authorized dealers who office CAD
consulting services and who spend a great deal of time volunteering their
services on the Newsgroup to answer user questions and help resolve user
problems. These are normally refered to as MVP personel which I assume are
Most Valuable Personel (at least in my opinion).

You can acess the Autodesk Newsgroups by visiting the Autodesk Website and
following the links to Newsgroups where you can choose the groups that meet
your needs. The same is true of Microsofts - follow the links from their
support website. These are not accessible from the Usenet and reside on the
developers server- so you need to acess their server.


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On the subject of Autocad for structural drawings, does anybody know of any
reference or textbook/manual for structural cad drafting. After taking the
basic Autocad class, I'm now doing some of my structural drafting. I'd like
to know if others have a quick and easy method of converting architectural
drawings to structural base sheets, how to organize them for easy editing
filing, adding structural layers, making and inserting structural
blocks(posts, beams,joist, detail bubbles, etc.), using x-reference, model
and paper space, etc. Are there typical structural details in cad
available(mainly wood) for sale? Is there a List or Group that I can join to
exchange and learn tips, standards, software, etc.?

My foundation layers are:

For the wall lines, I x-reference the arch'l wall line layers.

Framing layers:


Again, I use x-reference of arch'l wall layers above and below the framing

Ernie Natividad