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RE: Autocad layering standards

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Our firm uses both Autocad and Microstation. The consensus from those cad
designers who are adept at using both is that Autocad is very good for some
things, and Microstation for others. Ultimately, it depends on the type of
work, the client's preferences, etc.

Since we are committed to do the best for our clients, we can't afford to
"choose sides" so readily.

I don't know Microstation very well, but I'm pretty good at Autocad.
However, I admit that we do some AWESOME work, especially with the add-in
tools available for transportation engineering, in Microstation.

And by the way, whether you're talking "layers" or "levels," the same issue
comes up. This guy's remark was sophomoric.

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That's as if your'e from the company who sells Microstation. Please make
your point (advantages and disadvantages) for everyone to know and

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> Stop using Autocad
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