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RE:Charlie Carter,Current construction costs

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] The response from Mr. Carter, leads to an interesting site. It had many good points, primarily one involving cost comparisons when using shear studs. "On average, one installed shear stud equates to 10 lb of steel" (partially composite) this will be a great tool for me. One problem I have is comparing joists vs. steel beams. Does anyone have a good rule of thumb to compare the cost of joists to steel beams? Perhaps something simple like the composite comparison?

At 09:34 AM 2/1/00 -0600, Charlie Carter wrote:
Square-footage-based estimating (and tonnage-based estimating for that matter) can be dangerous if you don't keep in mind where the real costs are. Particularly since they are so dependent upon nothing changing in the nature and character of the work as the square footage or tonnage changes. Check out this link for a general discussion of steel economy:


Then take a look at this link to some sources for estimating (and other) information: