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RE: Autocad layering standards

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I agree with Bill. I have used both products, and there are functions 
that I like in each.

For basic drawing, all programs are much same apart from syntax. 
i.e block(AutoCAD), cell(Microstation) and object (GDS) are one 
and the same item. What "add-ons" you use, or customization you 
implement dictates the l level of productivity.

Peter McCormack

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Subject:        	RE: Autocad layering standards
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> Our firm uses both Autocad and Microstation. The consensus from those cad
> designers who are adept at using both is that Autocad is very good for some
> things, and Microstation for others. Ultimately, it depends on the type of
> work, the client's preferences, etc.
> Since we are committed to do the best for our clients, we can't afford to
> "choose sides" so readily.
> I don't know Microstation very well, but I'm pretty good at Autocad.
> However, I admit that we do some AWESOME work, especially with the add-in
> tools available for transportation engineering, in Microstation.
> And by the way, whether you're talking "layers" or "levels," the same issue
> comes up. This guy's remark was sophomoric.
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> Subject: RE: Autocad layering standards
> That's as if your'e from the company who sells Microstation. Please make
> your point (advantages and disadvantages) for everyone to know and
> understand.
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> > Stop using Autocad
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> > Switch to Microstation