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RE: ASD vs simple test

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You're right.  I was trying to cut tons out of the building.  However, I
don't see that as a mistake.  I appreciate the AISC recommendations on
how to save steel construction dollars via correct use of detailing, and
all those other tips.  Those are good tips!  I read through them
yesterday with the link you provided.  However, if I start out with a
lighter building and then apply the tips, I can't help but be more
economical.  I'm not looking to go so light that I'm adding stiffeners
or doubler plates or anything like that.  We're talking good sized
members for a heavy industrial building.  

I guess I was expecting something dramatic with LRFD since it is a big
topic of discussion.  It just wasn't a big deal (and I still had to
calculate the service loads to get my deflections).  I'm sticking with
ASD until I am forced to switch or I can see a savings for me or my

Michael Ritter, PE

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> I'm assuming your motivation to check into LRFD was maybe to see if
> you could cut tons out of the structure. This is a mistake in my
> opinion, because least weight is not synonymous with least cost. The
> details are what drives the cost. Labor, not tons!