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RE: ASD vs simple test

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Your quick study is consistent with what we've said on this list server many
times.  LRFD will save you steel for composite beams, although more shear studs
are used.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso viejo


"Mark E. Deardorff" <MarkD(--nospam--at)> on 02/03/2000 08:06:36 AM

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Subject:  RE: ASD vs simple test

Just for fun I ran an analysis with RamSteel 6.1.

This was for a typical two story composite floor, non-composite roof. Same
framing plan at each level. 13' floor heights. 65# dead, 50# live at the floor,
15# dead and 20# live at the roof.

ASD results:
     Roof - 59961#
     Floor - 73440# + 932 studs
     Columns - 21477#

LRFD results:
     Roof - 57531# (4% reduction)
     Floor - 62696# (15% reduction) + 964 studs (3% increase)
     Columns - 21477 (no change)