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Tapered Steel Member

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AISC published in 1956 a booklet, "Welded Tapered Girders," (19 pages) that 
goes thru the design (ASD, of course and hand calcs) of welded tapered 
girders, including consideration of web penetrations.  Also, Blodgett's, 
"Design of Welded Structures," has a section on designing tapered girders.

AISC apparently does not publish their booklet any more as Charlie Carter 
didn't mention it, but Lincoln Electric (James F. Lincoln Arc Welding 
Foundation) sure does publish Blodgett's book.

If you can locate some "old, decrepit" engineer that has been around since 
1960, he/she might have the AISC booklet.  Any good technical library or any 
school teaching welding technology should have the Blodgett book.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Alexander Gutierrez wrote:

>>I would like to ask from the group if you can provide me a sample
computation on the design of web-tapered members such as beam and column
(ASD code if possible). I would also like to ask how can I solve the
value of "It" in the graph for solving "K" (see pp. 5-193 to 5-200 on
ther 9th Ed. of ASD). How will it differentiate if the peak was assumed
pinned connected against continuous?

Comparing "bt" in Fig. C-A-F7.1 which is the length of rafter, what is
the value "bt" in Figs C-A-F7.2 to C-A-F7.17. Is "bt" the horizontal
distance between the two columns or is it twice the length of one