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RE: Tapered Steel Member

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WEBTAP is still available from NISEE.  Go to
and following the Engineering Software link.

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> I knew that I was old but did not know that I was decrepit. :-)
> I have a copy of 4 booklets on tapered beams.  They are WRC
> Bulletin 173, dated June 1972, WRC Buletin 192, a December 1976
> Reprint of  the February 1974 bulletin, WRC bulletin 248, dated
> May 1979 and Welded Tapered Girders, a 1956 AISC publication.  In
> 1981, A. D. Mawdsley, one of Ed Wilson's
> students, wrote a FORTRAN program called WEBTAP to design tapered
> steel beams.  At one time the code and a manual was available
> from UCB.  I still have a copy of the manual, but do not know
> about the code.