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Strong Column/Weak Beam Connections

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I have been studying the Strong Column/Weak Beam Connection materials included in the FEMA Interim Guidelines and AISC Modification of Existing Welded Steel Moment Frame Connections for Seismic Resistance.  I have several items which concern me:
1.)  Does anyone use moment connections into the web of a column?
2.)  When applying the equations for Vc, are all the moments, (Mpd), and shears, (Vpd), from all the beams included to create one check equation?  Stated another way, if we have four beams framing into one column, do we include all four moment and shear values to generate one strong column/weak beam check equation or do we create two equations, one for the strong axis of the column and one for the weak axis of the column?
Thanks in advance!!!

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