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RE: ASD vs simple test

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Title: RE: ASD vs simple test

>I know that you are not responsible for anything on that web site, but....
>At the states, "Up-to-date information on the
>design and construction of fabricated structural steel buildings."
>Just so I could differentiate, could you tell me what an "un-fabricated"
>structural steel building would be?

Actually, I do contribute information to the SteelStuff web site when I can. My friend and former professor Lou Geschwindner is the "host". It started with an educational purpose to help his students, but ... well, you can read this piece of SteelStuff to learn the "whole" story...

AISC uses the phrase "fabricated structural steel" to differentiate it from other types of steel construction, like cold-formed steel and metal building construction, which we do not cover. But in the context of the SteelStuff web site, perhaps its meaning is a bit lost.


P.S. We'd be most interested in any constructive feedback on SteelStuff (