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Steel Beam Tables

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In the steel beam tables, there are C8 and MC8 channels section loads are given
"for beams laterally supported" on page 4-69 (LRFD ref., see 2-85 for ASD).  In
fine print, the table says "For beams laterally unsupported, see page 4-113
(LRFD ref., see 2-146 for ASD)."  Page 4-113 refers to the moment curve tables
in the manual.  As far as I can tell, these tables only include W and M
sections.  It seems odd that both the ASD and LRFD manuals would both apparently
have a reference to a section that is not applicable.  Does anyone have insight
into this?  I can always just run through the calculations, but I don't want to
think that the C and MC tables are just hidden somewhere that I'm missing.

Paul Crocker