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On-Line Collaboration -

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I found this interesting website - which is a project
collaboration site supported by AutoDesk but a privately owned business. The
purpose is to provide an online intranet so that members of a project team
can work off the same drawings which remain available online.
I am not very clear on this, but the concept is great. My main question is
why a company large enough to have Internet capabilities use a service such
as this rather than set up their own company website with private access.
I would like to hear from others who are working with clients over the
Internet in order to learn how they coordinate and participate in the work.
Mostly, I'm interested in understanding how work is constantly updated and
how each participant is notified of changes that are made which may affect
the work of others.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax