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This is one of the most exciting things to watch evolve on the
internet/intranet.  I have not used Buzzsaw, but I have used Quickplace, I
have used Documentum, and I have used some proprietary in-house tools.  The
tools allow commoners and project managers (not those fluent in Java) to
develop web sites quickly and easily.  The web sites are set up as virtual
offices that us commoners can set up and establish security rather easily.  

When a drawing or specification is updated, there is an e-mail sent
automatically that tells you there is an update.  You can then access that
drawing and look for the changes.  Those who use 3D modeling can check the
virtual 3D model.  The models can also be linked to scheduling and
estimating software.  It is one thing to change a structural element, but it
is interesting to be able to evaluate that change in regard to budget and
schedule.  You might find yourself upsizing a structural element to give you
an advantage on schedule and the ultimate cost.

The tools like Buzzsaw remind me a lot of when CAD was developed.  There
were large companies that developed a lot of proprietary drawing development
software, but it was not readily available to most practitioners, and it was
user hostile.  Buzzsaw, Quickplace and others seek a larger market and will
be more easily used by progressive GC's and designers.

Harold Sprague

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> I found this interesting website - which is a project
> collaboration site supported by AutoDesk but a privately owned business.
> The
> purpose is to provide an online intranet so that members of a project team
> can work off the same drawings which remain available online.
> I am not very clear on this, but the concept is great. My main question is
> why a company large enough to have Internet capabilities use a service
> such
> as this rather than set up their own company website with private access.
> I would like to hear from others who are working with clients over the
> Internet in order to learn how they coordinate and participate in the
> work.
> Mostly, I'm interested in understanding how work is constantly updated and
> how each participant is notified of changes that are made which may affect
> the work of others.
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