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RE: On-Line Collaboration -

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Just at minor point.  Buzzsaw is only free up to 100 Meg. 
	Basic  0 to 100MB - Free
	Plus 100MB to 1GB - $200 per month
	Premium 1 to 5GB - $500 per month 
	CD Archive  650 MB CD archive of a project hosting site - $25 per CD

Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Friday, February 04, 2000 10:12 AM
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> Our company just started using with an architect that has been
> using buzzsaw. We're designing a jail and the consultants are in different
> cities in the state (texas) and one of the architectural firms is in
> another
> state. This is a design build project, so the contractor also has the
> latest
> information. The latest files are always available and when a file is
> updated an email is autom. sent to all the people registered for that
> particular project.
> The files are updated by the architect (architectural drawings) and he is
> responsible of keeping the files updated. He also has control of you can
> access the site.
> I think it is great, so know I have an account at and have my
> latest files for other projects for other architects I work with and they
> like it.  I wasn't sure how it worked either, but i've been learning by
> trying it out.
> I don't know how this service is free, but I don't mined.
> Simon Solorio, P.E.