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re: Response Spectrum Analysis

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  You  should  use  increment  of  0.1 second  or  even  better  use  0.01 
  seconds.  That  is  what  i  did.  Becouse  the  period  of  building  
   very  very  small.  I  hope  it  helps.
   Arvind  Bisarya   ( ARVIND_BISARYA(--nospam--at)MK.COM )

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I am doing a response spectrum analysis of a steel covered playground. I am
using an older version of SAP2000 that has the 94 UBC response spectrum
functions for soil types S1, S2, S3. I would like to manually input a
response spectrum from the 97UBC. I understand that when T = 0, Ca = 1.00
and from To through Ts Ca = 2.5. What I am not clear about are the points 
between. I know that when T>Ts, Ca =Cv/T, but I was not sure what 
of T should be used. I just used increments of 1.00. after Ts. I have
generated the response spectrum curve from the 97UBC as follows:

Cv = 0.54
Ca = 0.36

T	Ca
0	1
.12	2.5
.60	2.5
1.6	0.34
2.6	0.21
3.6	0.15
4.6	0.12
5.6	0.10
6.6	0.08
7.6	0.07
8.6	0.06
9.6	0.06

Is this correct? or, should I figure out an equal number of increments from
Ts = 1.6 to T = 10? Does someone have an example function that I could look
at? What parameters are typically used for the response spectrum analysis
using SAP2000?

Thanks in advance,

Gina T. Gobo, E.I.T.
Structural Engineering
DLR Group
Ph. 206.461.6000
Fax 206.461.6049