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RE: Chicago Bookstores

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I spent 28 years of my life and Chicago and couldn't tell you (other than
the UICC bookstore) where to buy technical books. I can, however, tell you
where the best Pizza, Italian Beef, Hot Dog's, Pork Ribs and Egg Rolls can
be found:o)
I used to buy Technical books at Chandler's Bookstore in Evanston Illinois.
The phone is 847-433-0230. They used to be located on the corner or Davis
Street and Orrington (I might be off a block or so).
Chandler's supplied all the schools and had three stories of technical
books. The basement was the most interesting - old used books piled floor to
Please let me know if it is still in Evanston.

There was also Kroch's and Brentano's who used to be, I think, on State
Street in downtown Chicago. I don't think they are still there but they also
supplied many of the Universities.

There are University book stores for Loyola, DePaul, U of Illinois Chicago
Circle Campus and U of Chicago - all depending on what location you will be
staying in.

You might try contacting Scott Melnick from AISC who is located in Chicago.
Scott may be able to put you in touch with some other good spots.

Let me know and I'll lead you to the great food places you shouldn't miss.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

PS For those Interested - Lou Malnati's is one of Chicago's better Pizza's
and they deliver nationwide. I order from them often and find that the cost
to get a Chicago Pizza is about the same as a local Pizza - I just have to
wait 24 hours and then do a little baking. You can try Lou's by calling

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I'm going to be visiting Chicago next week and would like to use the
opportunity to cruise some bookstores for structural engineering
publications. Any recommendations on good technical bookstores in downtown