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RE: Chicago Bookstores and Pizzerias

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There are always anomalies - look at the Leaning Tower of Pizza:.)

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At 10:24 PM 02/04/2000 -0800, SASQUAKE wrote:

>SEConsultant wrote:

>> PS For those Interested - Lou Malnati's is one of Chicago's better
>> and they deliver nationwide. I order from them often ....

>Dennis,  Do you order the flexible crust or the rigid crust?

Right, and how do you figure the reliability / redundancy factor on the
distribution of pepperoni slices? You know, the "Woe" factor. Don't tell me
you never sausage a thing in pizza design. The more pizzas to the design
puzzle there are, the better. The supposed "standard of care" is to optimize
olive the pizzas in the design puzzle. It takes more dough to do these
complicated designs, hence the need for thicker crusts, which adds rigidity,
so you have to revise the pepperoni pattern's woe factor again. WRTD stands
for Woe and Redundancy Pizza Design, but lots of PE's (Pizza Engineers)
still use Allowable Peperoni Design for less dough. Baloney isn't featured
in the finished pizzas, but it's spread all through the PC (Pizza Code)
Commentary and Design Manuals.

Charles O Greenlaw SE   Sacramento CA