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Dear Mr. Dennis,

First I would like to apologize about my English, my native language is 
Portuguese here in Brazil.

Yes, it is possible to be done and we are working to do it but, we have
a long way before get good results.

(1) We have a central site on internet that many constructions companies 
has an account (  in Portuguese) . Each 
Client (construction company) can open many Projects inside their
account. Each Client can register many 'project companies' or individual
consultant in their area (Users). This project company or consultant can
be registered in another Client too. The Cliente will give the hability
for each User to access the system (download and / or Upload) only in
the projects that they are working. Each User has a 'level' (Structural,
Architect, Hidraulic, etc) and could be registered to access your own
level and others levels too (structural can access Architceture and
Hidraulic - example).
When a User (project company) send a new file to a project area of a 
Client, the system will send an eMail to all Users registered in this 
project with message about a new file is available with the comments
about this file.
Ok, first steep is running ! we have a central (dataWarehouse) to
storage files and document it.

(2) This second steep is were I am working now and the most difficult to
be solve. I would like to introduce on this system, a service like a
'chat drawing' were each one that are connect in this service will be a
This drawings have to be inside a normalization.
Scale, layer names, one fixed point by coord x,y, etc.
This drawing have to be save on DWF format (Drawing Web Format)

Why this steep is the 'bad' steep ?
Because we create the system not for one company but for many companies 
that would like to utilize it.  The problem here in Brazil is that each 
construction company has a different padronization of drawing, most of
then (small companies) do not have padronization. The project companies
do not understand that a 'drawing file' is not a file to be 'plotted' ,
there is a lot of information inside of the drawing. This file is not a
drawing, it is a PROJECT.  When I start this work, 3 years ago, I wrote
a document with the title 'CAD  Draw x Project' (look at .  The main propouse of
this document were explain that the CAD files should be done to be read
and not only to be 'plotted' . We have to define a normalization of
layers, scale, etc for specific softwares like 'Structural Softwares'
can read this files and get information (not visual) there.  We have it
runnig in our structural software.

(3) The last steep, we are developing a CGI program to run on this
service that will create a 'chat drawing room'.  Each one that enter on
this room will point a drawing that is storage in the Client area (1)
and everione has the hability to this project.  If you update your
drawing in a storage area, the system automaticaly reload and redraw the
selected layers of all drawings on the room.

How is the great advantage of the system ?
This syetam have FTP and HTTP codes.  You will send (UpLoad) files to an 
FTP temporary area and, register the file sent on the system by HTTP,
internet address. When you register it, working with a GCI 
program, the system has the hability to send eMails and update registers 
about Project, users and Client and will move the files for a secure
area in HTTP area to be manage by the system.

I hope give you an ideia about our procedure.

Best regards

Marcelo P. Picarelli

> I found this interesting website - which is a project
> collaboration site supported by AutoDesk but a privately owned business.
> The purpose is to provide an online intranet so that members of a project
> team can work off the same drawings which remain available online.
> I am not very clear on this, but the concept is great. My main question
> is why a company large enough to have Internet capabilities use a service
> such as this rather than set up their own company website with private
> access.
> I would like to hear from others who are working with clients over the
> Internet in order to learn how they coordinate and participate in the
> work.
> Mostly, I'm interested in understanding how work is constantly updated
> and how each participant is notified of changes that are made which may
> affect the work of others.
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
> Structural Engineering Consultant
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