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RE: Residential construction

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Title: RE: Residential construction

I ordered one but not received yet.  Has any one seen it and can you comment on the "15 min." part?  Sounds short.

Y. Henry Huang

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Subject: Residential construction

The issue of the quality of construction in the wood framed residential
construction has been discussed several times on this list.  It has been
suggested that framers/carpenter/contracters should be required to know
some things about load paths.   Well, there is now something of interest
that I just read in my EERI newsletter.

EERI will be releasing a video to be used for "training" framers on the
importance of load path.  The 15 minute video should be available by now
according to the newsletter.  The video will cost $25 plus CA tax.  You can
contact EERI if you are interested.  If you want more information that what
I listed here, you may go to the EERI web page ( and see an
online version of the article in the newsletter (under the Jan. 2000

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