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APA Sheathing w/ Screws and Slate

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Today I had two questions the APA couldn't help me out with:

1.  What is the typical sheathing used for slate roofs with wood trusses @ 2' o.c.?  19/32 will handle the load fine with L/360.  But I contacted CertainTeed Roofing, the only ones I could get ahold of, and they have a lighter slate substitute which they require 3/4" sheathing for.  Is it controlled by fastening requirements that may vary based upon mfgr.?

2.  The Architect wants to use screws in the floor.  APA says use code approved fasteners... and suggested browsing the ICBO website.  Well, isn't that just proprietary screws?  What about woodscrews per NDS?  I don't need much for shear so all I want is what is typically used as an equivalent to 8d nails.  Or does this mean something questionable like sheetrock screws?

Ed Fasula EIT