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RE: Save, delete, archive messages

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Phil is correct, but it depends on how the EQE server handles sent messages.
I believe that Martin is sending and receiving e-mail through the EQE server
in which quite a few of our list members are on (EQE Engineering).
If you are receiving mail using a proprietary system you may need to talk
with your Internet administrator ( the person that controls the software
installation). If you are using a Microsoft email client (outlook or Inbox)
you can go to the tools/options/preference/email options menu and change the
setting that says:
"Save copy of all messages in your sent folder".

You can simply select all files (or any individual files) in this folder and
delete them with your delete key. You can, as I would do, archive my sent
messages. Those that I distribute to clients or messages that I need to
maintain a paper trail on - I move to a different folder or create a Rules
Wizard (an automatic way to identify key words in a message and perform an
activity like move, copy, or delete).
I would suggest contacting your company computer administrator to get
specific instructions for your email client (the email program you use on
the company server to manage your email).


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I think you are asking questions about your browser.  If not, delete this
and don't worry about where it went.  Also delete this if you don't use
Now, if you're still here, sometime while viewing your mail, like right now,
on "Edit" and then "Preferences".  You will be presented with pages and
pages of
ways in which to customize your viewing experience.  Somewhere buried
therein will
be the option of what to do with Sent and Deleted messages.  Good luck,

"Martin W. Johnson" wrote:

> I tend to delete most old messages, but the program seems to keep
collecting old
> messages in the "Sent" category.  How do I maintain this, do I need to
> them or archive them?  How is it that I "archive" email anyway?
> Martin