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Re: Seismic Zone for Stockton California?

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The official definition for Zone three is contained in the California 
Building Code, Section 1629A.4.1  Seismic Zone.  All portions of the state 
except those specifically listed are defined as being in Zone 4. The dividing 
lines used are county boundaries, lines of latitude or longitude, rivers or 
highways.  In the case of Stockton, which is in San Joaquin County, the 
definition of zone 3 is "..., the portion of San Joaquin County northeast of 
Interstate Highway 580, ..."  The counties of Alameda and Contra Costa are 
immediately to the west of San Joaquin and are located in zone 4.  From the 
"Northern California Atlas & Gazetteer" published by DeLorme, the nearest 
side of Stockton is about 12 miles east of the Contra Costa County/San 
Joaquin County line and is entirely northeast of Interstate Highway 580, thus 
it is in zone 3.  Lodi is also in Zone 3. Livermore, being in Alameda County, 
is in Zone 4.

Bill Cain S.E.
Albany CA