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Re: Rod bracing

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The rod bracing I have seen is generally installed "taut".  I know there is 
not a definition of taut, but here is mine.  Taut is between being easy to 
move sideways/floppy and tight as a guitar string...(similar to a banjo 
string for us hillbillies) .

To my knowledge, there is no equipment used to measure the tightness of the 
rods, it is installed based on an individuals judgement.  

Some erectors use the bracing to square-up/plumb the framing system.  When 
this occurs, you have one rod REALLY tight and the other somewhat floppy.   
Using the rod to square up puts load into the rod besides the intended 
bracing load.  For this reason, it is generally prudent to oversize rods at 
least one size up and bump up your reactions slightly to account for this.

IF the rods are snug-tite/taut you will probably not have any problems.  A 
very slight movement will finish tightening the rods when it occurs and begin 
loading the rods after that.  Any loose/floppy rods should be further snugged 
to prevent excessive movement prior to the rod "taking axial load".

Just my thoughts...

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL