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RE: floor plate welding

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A company in Ann Arbor Michigan, Lindapter North America, market several
steel connectors. One of these called the Floorfast enables floorplate
to be secured down very easily. Try the web site at

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> Subject:	floor plate welding
> Anyone have any good rules of thumb for attaching
> floor plate to supporting steel.  I have an industrial
> building with 3/8" thick floor plate supported at 5'
> each way.  The owner wants easy and complete cleanup
> so we have continuous seam welds along the joints.  We
> have called out 13/16" dia plug welds at 2'-0" on
> center along the length of beams.  The erector is
> complaining that this is excessive.  I am going to
> have him put in what is on the drawings, but for
> future reference, does anyone have any suggested
> methods of attaching floor plate in this situation?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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