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RE: Seismic Zone Info

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Also see to view the maps, explanatory
documents, state guidelines for evaluating and mitigating liquefaction and
landslide hazards, the law and regulations, etc. Note that these Seismic
Hazard Zone maps currently only address hazards from liquefaction and
earthquake-triggered landslides. [The law is open-ended to permit mapping of
additional earthquake-related hazards as techniques are developed and

For information about seismic shaking potential in California (the shaking
component used to produce the above maps) and Alquist-Priolo Earthquake
Fault Zones, see

Other links of interest at DMG's web site include:
   > Strong Motion Data Center
   > List of Available DMG publications
   > California Geology Magazine
   > DMG Home Page

  -- Ted

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Seismic Hazard Mapping Act   Info on the State law that triggers Seismic 
Zone mapping changes.

California Public Resources Code Sections 2690-2699.6 is the Seismic 
Hazards Mapping Act...   Then search for "Seismic"  and 
check Public Resources Code box

Good Luck

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