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I am frequently involved in both design-build and in design only.  I have
seen poor quality structural inspection by inspectors and by designers.  As
far as the conflict of interest goes, I guess I really haven't seen it, and
I don't see it as a problem.  What I have seen is unqualified people
performing special inspections.  That is why I like the concept of
certification programs such as the ICBO.   I also like the concept of a
Special Inspector of Record who is a licensed PE, directs all of the special
inspectors, and acts as a liaison between the designer and the special
inspectors in the field.  Take a look at the special inspection manual of
Kansas City, MO.

Harold Sprague

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> Hello fellow engineers !! :
> I would like to hear your opinions on the subject when supervision is
> carried out by the job designer, i.e., civil works (which include
> structures) inspection by the strctural engineer, electrical works by
> the E.E. designer,..etc.
> I am worried here because alleging conflict of interest the supervision
> by the designers should be prohibited by a new National Construction
> Council to be implemented these days.
> I thank you very much in advance
>                                                     Wladimir Bassett A.
>                                                     Managua, NICARAGUA