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Re: Project Websites

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Dear Mr. Stan,

My company works with development software to
structural engineering here in Brazil since 1981.

Four years ago we started our site on internet with
thew main propose to update and give information for
our users.  Now, we have a lot of information like
links with associations, law, codes, writers, demos,
universities, congress, technical books, researchs,

The resourses what you need is same resources that we
have in our site.  We have a public area that
everybody can access by the address
 .  Our hosting server ( in USA, was
selected because they have a lot of resources to
improve our site.  

If you need an exclusive area inside of your home
page, you have to find hostings that have .HTPASSWD
HTACCESS feature. It is a NCSA procedure to limit the
access inside of directories in your home page.  Only
with a password you will can enter there.  we have in
our site, an exclusive area for manuals, order
updates, etc.

If you need transfer files or data in a secure way,
you have to find SECURE SITE features.  It is an
alternative address of your site, by the hosting
server, that will guarantee your data transfer.

Most of the hosting server offer ilimited eMails
account nowadays.

The 'structure' of a site is:

            -[client 1]
            -[client 2]
            -[your area] ---   [your directory 1]
                 NON public -> [your directory 2] point here -> [ftp] ---- [pub]
                               [your directory 3] point here -> [html_all] file.html
                                          [dir 1]
                                          [dir 2]
                                          [dir secure]
executable program stay here ->           [cgi-bin]

I think that the most important to create a website is
the group of professionals that will develop the CGI
programs that will run in your site.
A static site only have text and pictures.
A dynamic site have text, pictures, database, search,
forms, forms integrated with database, etc .
[1] in our site in 'Professionals' we have a database
that everyone can register your experience in
structural engineering; years working, school, how
many projects, softwares, etc.  Everyone too can
search someone to work in couple (sub-contract).
[2] our system to storage files and documents of o
project is a data base integrated (dataWarehouse). 

We are not a website developer, we develop our site
( and the site of Brazilian
Concrete Institute (  I think that
you will find a lot of good companies that only work
with development of sites in internet but ...

I would like to invite you to open a SADP account to
try it free. It is in Portuguese for while but I will
help you too. Do it on
click on left 'Abertura de Conta' (open an account),
Fill up only 'Nome' (name, you company name), eMail
and 'senha' (password, initial, you will change it).
You will run the system inside of sistrut area.

The system can be installed too inside of your site,
you do not need run it inside the sistrut site.
About to the three above, the forms (entrance) are in
'dir 2' area, the C++ programs in 'cgi-bin' area and
all database is in 'your direcoty 1' NON public area. 
When you send a file to the system (UpLoad), you will
send it by FTP protocol to a FTP area 'restrict'.
Then, when you access the system by the forms, you
will register comments about this file and the system
will transfer the file from 'restrict' of FTP to a NON
public area 'your directory 2' and will send an eMail
to all users registered in this project.

I have copy of all messages about the subject buzzsaw
and will forward it for you.

Best regards

Marcelo P. Picarelli

--- "Caldwell, Stan" <scaldwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Yesterday afternoon, I attended an annual corporate
> planning retreat.  I
> left the meeting with an assignment to establish and
> maintain Halff
> Associates' first project-specific,
> restricted-access website.  This website
> will be for a large (800 ft. clear span) twin-arch
> bridge project in Dallas.
> The website is expected to be accessed frequently
> for information exchange
> and coordination by at least four government
> agencies, a design team
> comprised of six firms in Dallas and Zurich, a
> general contractor, and
> several subcontractors.  Part of the website might
> also be accessible to the
> general public for their information, but that is
> clearly a secondary goal.
> I have no experience with project websites, and
> admit that I have ignored
> and deleted all of the recent posts under the
> thread.  What
> advice do any of you have to offer?  What are the
> most important features of
> a project website?  Can email distribution be
> integrated into it?  What
> about visitor tracking, download logging, and other
> security features?  What
> mistakes have been made on previous project
> websites?  Where can I find
> resources to produce the site, and to host it?
> Thank you in advance for your useful input!
> Best Regards,
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE, F.AEI
> Vice President
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> Engineers+Architects+Planners
> 8616 Northwest Plaza Drive
> Dallas, Texas    75225
> Phone:  (214)346-6280
> Mobile:  (214)236-9696
> Fax:      (214)739-0095
> Email:    mailto:scaldwell(--nospam--at) 
> Website:
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