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RE: Project Websites

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I saw where someone is forwarding you all of the previous posts on Buzzsaw.

I am now using Buzzsaw on a project for the first time.  I must say for ease
of use, intranet development, layered security, I would be inclined to use
Lotus QuickPlace especially if you have the an
house server.  Even if you don't have an in-house server, you can use the
servers referenced by QuickPlace for a monthly fee.

Buzzsaw requires a SERIOUS download to access their projects.  Some of the
fire walls out there do not like the download.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Project Websites
> Yesterday afternoon, I attended an annual corporate planning retreat.  I
> left the meeting with an assignment to establish and maintain Halff
> Associates' first project-specific, restricted-access website.  This
> website will be for a large (800 ft. clear span) twin-arch bridge project
> in Dallas.  The website is expected to be accessed frequently for
> information exchange and coordination by at least four government
> agencies, a design team comprised of six firms in Dallas and Zurich, a
> general contractor, and several subcontractors.  Part of the website might
> also be accessible to the general public for their information, but that
> is clearly a secondary goal.
> I have no experience with project websites, and admit that I have ignored
> and deleted all of the recent posts under the thread.  What
> advice do any of you have to offer?  What are the most important features
> of a project website?  Can email distribution be integrated into it?  What
> about visitor tracking, download logging, and other security features?
> What mistakes have been made on previous project websites?  Where can I
> find resources to produce the site, and to host it?
> Thank you in advance for your useful input! 
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