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RE: Expansive Grout

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Are you sure that Intraplast has aluminum powder?

I presume that you are considering bonded PT.  I would be concerned about
additional hydrogen in direct contact with high strength strand.  The tendon
grouts that I am aware of contain corrosion inhibitors.  That's why I like
to work with companies like VSL where it is one stop shopping for design,
materials, and systems.  PT is a system which is difficult at best to
integrate.  The systems should be tested for corrosion suseptability.  When
you get your strand here, your grout their, your jacks from somewhere else;
the system is not well integrated, and when there is a problem, all you get
is finger pointing.

Hydrogen embrittlement shows little warning before it pops.

Harold Sprague

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> Is anybody aware if there are any detrimental effects caused to
> post-tensioning tendons when you add aluminum powder (such as Sika's
> Intraplast) to the grout used to fill the tendon sheaths in
> post-tensioned beams? I am worried that the presence of hydrogen  may
> increase corrosion susceptibility.
> Juan C. Gray