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RE: Searching for M.Sc. Thesis Subjects

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How about:
LRFD vs. ASD for wood design?
Flexible vs. Rigid Methodology for light framed wood construction?

Seems as if the Seismology Committee won't do the research, maybe a student


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If you're looking for an interesting subject for your thesis try

Creep in Composite Continuous Beams.

Desi Kiss
Irvine, Ca.

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If you are looking for suggestions for your thesis I recommend seismic
reinforcement of existing structures using fiber wrapping technology. I
think this might be very useful in your country. There are several sources
of information available. One of which can be found at Another suggestion for thesis
would be seismic ground motion. Things have been changing here in the West
regarding seismic engineering. Your country will benefit from this research
as well if they don't have their own research underway already. Here is a
source that you might be interested in as well:

Best of luck to you.


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Subject: Searching for M.Sc. Thesis Subjects

Dear everybody,

I am Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, M.Sc. student of Structural Engineering,
Tehran University & new member of SEAINT. I am going to choose a good
subject for my thesis, which could be applied & based on recent
researches. Using engineering maths & computer modeling in the thesis
would be most preferred. I thought it's better I am informed about
thesis subjects in Structural Eng. M.Sc. in other universities
especially of Canada, USA & Europe; So I sincerely hope dear
professors & post graduated studies students of Structural Eng. May
help me in this matter. I would greatly appreciate an early reply.

Yours sincerely,
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Tehran.
E-mail: SFSEPEHR(--nospam--at)Civil.UT.AC.IR