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Fwd: floor plate welding

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In a message dated 2/8/00 11:17:02 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
lvtakp(--nospam--at) writes:

> Anyone have any good rules of thumb for attaching
>  floor plate to supporting steel.  I have an industrial
>  building with 3/8" thick floor plate supported at 5'
>  each way.  The owner wants easy and complete cleanup
>  so we have continuous seam welds along the joints.  We
>  have called out 13/16" dia plug welds at 2'-0" on
>  center along the length of beams.  The erector is
>  complaining that this is excessive.  I am going to
>  have him put in what is on the drawings, but for
>  future reference, does anyone have any suggested
>  methods of attaching floor plate in this situation?

Can you use welds under the plate to the support beams?  I have done this in 
the past using fillet welds in a stitching method ataggered along both sides 
of the support beam.  

Jay L. Crawford, PE

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