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Column splice bearing

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Please consider the following situation and offer any opinions.

A building has gravity columns spliced with bearing type splices using
nomimal fastener material to hold the sections in alignment (per AISC
standard details).  The bearing surfaces between the upper and lower
sections do not come in contact across the full cross section (ie-contact at
one flange and 1/16 to 1/8 inch gap at the other flange).  What would the
behavior of the column be when the column is loaded?
1) would the sections deflect under increasing load until the sections
obtain full bearing? 
2) would a local deformation occur (buckling) at the flange in bearing until
the section obtained full bearing?
3) would the moment created by the eccentric load at the bearing flange
cause a failure of the full section?
4) some other consequence?

Your opinions are appreciated.

William Pulyer