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Re: Expansive Grout

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Intraplast Z is described as a "Expansive-plastifier" additive in the
Sika catalogue. It is a gray powder with expansive agents. People from
Sika have admitted privately that aluminum powder is used in it. When I
told them about the undesirability of hydrogen as an expansive agent,
they said they never have heard of any problems with the additive. Ben
Gerwick in his book "Construction of prestressed concrete structures" ,
page 167, recomends the use of nitrogen releasing admixtures; the guys
at Sika told me they never heard about these, and asked me for a copy of
the article. It would be great if we could have an official position on
this from Sika.
As for me , since this I started to use Sikament as a fluidifier, and a
lot of prayer for the previously executed jobs.

Juan C. Gray