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RE: Freezer Building Insulated Panels and Diaphragm Action

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I have used similar panels in the food processing industry; i.e. insulated metal panels.  I connected them to the structure with a 12ga clips and TEK screws through the back of the panel.  The panels are connected together at the seams with TEKs or similar.  I did not count on any diaphragm action, and installed bracing throughout the building(s).  I have numerous manufacturer's catalogs, and I believe one indicated that diaphragm action was possible; however, I never saw any published data one it.
Given that you are not too far, I can give you the locations of several structures in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Albama that you may want to look at, if you can stand the smell.
Brian K. Smith, P.E.
Bossier City, LA
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Subject: Freezer Building Insulated Panels and Diaphragm Action

I am currently evaluation a construction method of a new client that produces insulated freezer and cooler panels.  I am concerned about the connections of the panels to the superstructure.
Currently, they are using 1/2" diameter nylon bolts at 23" OC, (2 per panels per support).  I have not been able to locate any technical information on nylon bolts - any suggestions?
Further, I am very suspicious of the "diaphragm" action with so few connections.  I am grounded in steel deck diaphragms where 12"OC is a maximum connector spacing.  Are there any guidelines for the use of insulated sandwich panels as diaphragms?  regarding connections?
In the absence of previously developed data, I'll advise of testing of the system plus the individual components.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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