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impact reducing bearings

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I have been asked to design a grizzly for a coke
crusher hopper and I have a couple questions for
anyone experienced in this type of equipment. The
grizzly will be impacted by chunks of coke being
dropped from about 15'.  If I run through the formulas
for dynamic stress due to impact, I come up with huge
stresses because the deflection of the rigid grizzly
is so small.  However, the formulas do not take into
account the fact that much of the energy is being used
up by the coke breaking up when it is hitting the
grizzly.  The formulas would be appropriate for an
infinitely strong object being dropped, but not
something like a chunk of coke.  I have 2 questions:
1.  Does anyone have any guidelines for approximating
how much energy would be used up by the coke crushing
when it hits?
2.  If I can't approximate how much energy is used up,
I am considering putting the structure on some kind of
bearing pads or springs.  Do any of you have any
exerience with this and could you point me in the
right direction?
Thanks for your help,
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