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RE: R.C. tie beams-help

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You are correct.  There is not much guidance on how to design tie beams.
Avoid a "tension tie" per se' due to the requirement of mechanical splices.

I would size a tension tie so that not all the bars need to be fully
effective (size for 3 bars, provide 4), use staggered lap splices.  Confine
the splice zone with closed hoops.  Re:"Foundation Design and Construction
Manual" by Butler Manufacturing.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	R.C. tie beams-help
> I'm designing a warehouse in a seismic zone3 area  with columns at 100ft
> centers in one direction and 15ft centers in the other. The foundations
> are piled and of course the pile caps must be tied in both directions
> with tie beams.
> These tie beams are in tension. Should i only check the tension bond
> between the reinforcement and concrete. What about slenderness , minimum
> dimensions of the tie beam crack widths etc.? I did not see this covered
> in ACI 318.
> Thank you
> mark francois engineer