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diaphragm rigidity

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I recently received a city comment that I would like input on. I have an 
apartment building in seismic 4, within 2 km of an active fault. I am using 
plywood diaphragms and shear walls. Based on stiffness of the diaphragm vs. 
the walls, the diaphragm is considered rigid. Based on the wall rigidities, 
appropriate loading has been distributed to the walls and appropriate 
diaphragm nailing has been applied adjacent to each wall. 

I received a plan check comment that asked to account for differences in 
diaphragm rigidities in distributing the load to the shear walls.

Does anyone have any good references for how to distribute loads to shear 
walls based on relative diaphragm rigidities?

Richard Dahlmann, P.E.