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RE: Computer Access Floors

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Check out "Data Processing Facilities: Guidelines for Earthquake Hazard
Mitigation", VSP Assoc., Sacramento.  

I would not consider a splay wire system.  They don't work that well even
for ceilings.  By the time the wires go into enough tension to resist the
force, the displacement is there and the damage done.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Computer Access Floors
> During the evaluation of an existing floor system to accommodate a
> proposed
> computer access floor, I noticed the supplier planned to install used
> access floor components salvaged from other places. I am aware of the ATC
> 29-1 publication for seismic evaluation of non-structural components which
> contains a good paper on the specific topic. Is anyone aware of other
> references specifically related to bracing access floors? My initial
> thinking is leaning toward splayed wire bracing from the tops of the pipe
> support pedestals down to the floor somewhat like for ceilings. The
> specific equipment will also be braced. Thank you for your input.
> Michael Krakower SE
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