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I think that it is very much the preferred method to have the design
consultant responsible for construction inspection, provided the consultant
has the expertise and resources to do so. There may be some truth to the
conflict of interest argument, but on balance I think this is more than
offset by the very strong incentives the design consultant has to see that
the project succeeds.

I have seen some clients who dismiss inspection as a "frill." I have seen
clients give the inspection responsibility to separate CM firms who pass the
buck and allow out-of-spec construction, notifying the designer after the
fact and asking if it's "ok." I have seen supposedly certified special
inspectors sign off on rebar placement, only to check the bars myself and
find the wrong size and spacing. Construction quality control is a
crapshoot, and I think the designer, if he or she has any pride, will try
the hardest to assure the best results.

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Hello fellow engineers !! :

I would like to hear your opinions on the subject when supervision is
carried out by the job designer, i.e., civil works (which include
structures) inspection by the strctural engineer, electrical works by
the E.E. designer,..etc.

I am worried here because alleging conflict of interest the supervision
by the designers should be prohibited by a new National Construction
Council to be implemented these days.

I thank you very much in advance

                                                    Wladimir Bassett A.
                                                    Managua, NICARAGUA