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Re: Unreinforced Masonry Building

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Have you talked to the contractor about taking down the walls and doing it 
right? <VVBG>  What was his response?

Good luck!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

You guys will like this because the story keeps unraveling

The general is based out of Las Vegas,  the first four buildings were constructed by one superintendent who actually did a fair job, however, she wasn't fast enough so they sub'd out to a local who built these buildings much faster (wonder why).  So the super was removed and sent elsewhere and the remainder were built by the local.  The client liked the speed of the local and awarded the other twelve.

No one caught on until they began trying to hang equipment from the walls.  Then it hit the fan or floor.  The clients employee who was to supervise the construction of the buildings was let go.  The full time inspectors who were hired by the client have disappeared.  Per the clients request, it was required in the specs and general notes that testing of the masonry and concrete was to be done (never was).  These buildings did not require permits, so no building officials were involved.  And the prime out of Vegas is walking funny.

As for taking the buildings down, this also is not an option, these buildings need to be operational.  I am going to take the advise one of you had about removing the shells and using forms to hold the grout. from the outside.  This is because the interior of the buildings are finished with gypsum and studs.  The wiring and equipment are also in place  This will not be pretty, but hey the buildings will be operational on schedule.

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