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RE: Unreinforced Masonry Building

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Have the masons cut the blocks neatly and then line the form board with a
form liner.  You can get any texture you want.  It will create an
architectural finish and the allusion that it was done on purpose.

Harold Sprague

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> Have you talked to the contractor about taking down the walls and doing it
> right? <VVBG>  What was his response?
> Good luck!
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> You guys will like this because the story keeps unraveling
> The general is based out of Las Vegas,  the first four buildings were
> constructed by one superintendent who actually did a fair job, however,
> she wasn't fast enough so they sub'd out to a local who built these
> buildings much faster (wonder why).  So the super was removed and sent
> elsewhere and the remainder were built by the local.  The client liked the
> speed of the local and awarded the other twelve.
> No one caught on until they began trying to hang equipment from the walls.
> Then it hit the fan or floor.  The clients employee who was to supervise
> the construction of the buildings was let go.  The full time inspectors
> who were hired by the client have disappeared.  Per the clients request,
> it was required in the specs and general notes that testing of the masonry
> and concrete was to be done (never was).  These buildings did not require
> permits, so no building officials were involved.  And the prime out of
> Vegas is walking funny.
> As for taking the buildings down, this also is not an option, these
> buildings need to be operational.  I am going to take the advise one of
> you had about removing the shells and using forms to hold the grout. from
> the outside.  This is because the interior of the buildings are finished
> with gypsum and studs.  The wiring and equipment are also in place  This
> will not be pretty, but hey the buildings will be operational on schedule.
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