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RE: Unreinforced Masonry Building

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If you are in a seismic zone Zero, why worry about retrofitting the

Dennis S. Wish, PE

This is an option I will give the client because  I thought the same thing too.

However, they are hanging equipment off the walls which are being epoxy bolted into air space.  I know 2106.1.12.2 states there are no special provisions for seismic risk in zones 0 and 1 where as there is a minimum vertical reinforcement requirement of 4 foot centers for the rest, the client paid to have these voids filled with grout and reinforced and he should be compensated for lack there of.

I will look into the stresses involved per the code you stated and let the client know about this.  However, there are corner cracks already in the building.  And don't they have hurricanes down there.

Another concern I would have is what if a couble of years from now, cracks start showing up in one of these buildings, the client hires another engineer who reviews my recommendations and states that these walls should have been reinforced vertically.

And lastly, I don't feel comfortable about stating these walls are fine as built.  If someone else would like to buy off on these buildings as is, let me know and I will put you in contact with the contractor. :)

Thank you all for your responses, this forum is great.

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