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Re: Painting of Pipe Piles- help

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nattamai mohanram wrote:

> I would like to know as to what kind of primer/paint
> is normally used for pipe piles ( filled with
> concrete) ? and recommended specification if
> available.

Generally pipe piles are not painted or protected.  Filling them with
concrete, or partially encasing them with concrete resolves corrosion
issues in most cases.  This is not always the case however, with piles
exposed to marine environments.

Pipe piles usually have a beveled end of  about 30 degrees or so.
Depending on job conditions they are often driven without a tip.  This
develops a dirt plug, the pile fills partially with dirt, and the rest
of the pile is filled with concrete. Sometimes the top portions of the
piles are encased in concrete to prevent corrosion.

Pipe piles usually follow ASTM 252 Grade 2 or 3.  You should tell the
contractor to prepare and submit installation driving records to
review.  This will help check/verify horizontal control, and plumbness.

Piles may be painted or galvanized, but due to rough hammer  handling
and abrasion in the soil, this is sometimes considered ineffective.
Painting or galvanizing also becomes problematic if the pile needs to be

As far as anchoring the top of the pile to concrete, welding reinforcing
steel to the top of the pipe around the outside perimeter or A36 rod
works well.  Reinforcing the concrete portion of the pipe pile is
effective if corrosion is expected to completely deteriorate the pile.
This can be done with a cage at the top, and a single bar through the
entire length of the pile.

You can also visit the web site: for more valuable
information/publications about this subject.

Hope this helps.

Bart Needham